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Wall Murals Oriental

Orientalism – meaning everything that pertains to the culture of the East – has sparked our interest since as far back in history as the ancient times. Back in the medieval ages and baroque, motives that pertained to the Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic art were considered a gate opening the way to a mysterious paradise. It was no sooner than Romance that the style taking from the art and traditions of Asia has fully evolved, becoming one of the basic attributes of poets and painters who – by referring to that attribute – depicted fanciful visions, illustrated wondrous worlds, and attributed desirable features to their heroes. Today, miraculous Orientalism lives its second life. The trend for additions pertaining to the culture of Japan, China, or India has made its way to the world of interior design, blossoming at our homes. It is, thus, no wonder that oriental wall murals have have become an inextricable part of our propositions.
Interior design arrangements, based on the indicators of the oriental style, are usually very toned-down, thoroughly considered, and reserved. Prominent are the colors of nature, red, black and white, but also sunny and warm colors associated with India. To that we should also add thematic additions – statuettes, figures, bamboo trees as well as neat and unobtrusive vases and flowerpots. On the other hand, oriental wall murals are a modern addition that breaks the monotony, effectively drawing everyone's attention, and even more so emphasizing the oriental spirit of the interior. In addition, our convenient and very decorative wall murals make oriental stylistics feel unique, making the spirit feel not only oriental, but also personal at the same time.
Among our oriental wall murals, prominent are veneers bearing the Ying and Yang pattern, thus pertaining to the antique and metaphysical philosophy of China. In our catalog of wall murals, the honorable place is also taken by sunny and optimistic mandalas and sketches. Our oriental wall murals also make a handful of modern graphics and paintings. Within their frames you can find ephemeral Geishas, thematic patchworks, or shots centered around oriental temples. Thanks to an as diversified juxtaposition of patterns and motives present in our gallery, every fan of broadly understood orientalism will find something that will meet his or her taste and needs. Thanks to the stylistics and projects available, every neophyte in the department of the art of Far East could find themselves in decors pertaining to this historic culture.

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