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Wall Prints Animals

From wild and untamed rulers of the Africa plains, armed with a mane and fangs, through domesticated and totally friendly cats who attack yarns only. From ocean depths, where we will look for anthozoas, through a crazy flight together with free, feathered rulers of the skies. A photographic trip all around the world, following the prints of both exotic and majestic, well-known, local animals of ours. A kaleidoscope of wonders (and wondrous animals) of nature, a zoological rainbow of textures and colors, and, most importantly, beauty in its purest and most natural form. Inspiring prints illustrating animals is the essence of the magic of the world encapsulated in a decorative and an incredibly convenient form.
A fairytale butterfly, a dangerous tiger, an ephemeral humming bird, and a fabulous series of home-bred puppies and kittens. This extraordinary category of designer wall decorations holds the most fanciful, incredibly creative photos of animals who induce genuine sympathy. Artistic shots illustrating scenes of wild Savannah will beautifully enhance the charm of a living room set in the African style. Ocean starfish and shells will make a perfect bathroom decoration, whereas pink flamingos and colorful butterflies will complement the decor of a feminine boudoir. We are sure that plush puppies, sympathetic monkeys, funny meerkats, and colorful parrots will catch the eye of the youngest interior designers. Because the beauty of fauna makes you feel crazy in love and raises all borders, also in the department of interior design.

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