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Modern wall prints

An „oldschool style“ collector's item or an abstract graphic sketched up by a hand of a contemporary artist? Or maybe both? Thanks to our recommendations at, there is no problem for you to become an owner of a collection of prints you desire in just a few moments, and change your living room or bedroom into a prestigious art gallery! The recommended prints and triptychs look are indistinguishable from the classic pieces of art. The only thing that makes them different from the canvases of the most splendid masters of painting are a much extensive functionality, renowned endurance, real-time availability, and – it's all true – a friendly price tag. And just like the classic canvas paintings, prints and triptychs win people's hearts, delight them, draw their attention, and exhibit their all-time beauty. It's all thanks to rich patterning, a broad palette of colors, strong color saturation, and extraordinary manufacture quality that pertains to traditional and respected standards, and techniques. Be it modernistic, abstract, or sentimentally rustic or relating to universally known and highly regarded styles, we offer original prints and triptychs printed out on a canvas of the highest quality, stretched out on a robust and professional painting loom. The printing process is carried out employing a proven, advanced, and very hi-tech method thanks to which our wall decorations don't pale out, don't discolor when exposed to either artificial light or sunlight, don't require any special maintenance procedures making them look impeccable, they are easy to clean, and fully resistant to moisture or alternating temperature. The will look remarkable on a wall in a modern bedroom or a traditional style living room. They work great decorations for special missions – hung at dining rooms, kitchens, or (more often than not covered up with steam) bathrooms. They introduce a unique climate into wherever they are, there is an incredible shine emitting from them, and every interior they are are hung in gains a highly appreciated sparkle of glamour. Supreme art at the reach of your hand, designer decoration available in no time, and a ticket to an extraordinary art gallery in one. With your interiors will gain an aristocratic spirit at a blink of an eye, and walls that have so far been left blank will turn into an arena of art.
Modern, retro, or maybe some other style that has not been defined yet, and that transcends beyond the 21st century with premeditation. In the gallery of patterns you can find all that is the finest in the department of art. You can also find all that looks wonderful within the framing of a modernistic print. Only we know how to blend a modernistic graffiti and abstract fractals with the classic painting themes. Among thousands of the recommendations available at our website, you can find the romantic recommendations of landscapes and heart-wrenching portraits – created by the hand of a master, or... a camera focus. We also have a handful of flower, garden, and fruit-themed framings, perfect for a kitchen or a dining room. Our coffee series, in which we focus not only on the aroma and taste, but also on the extraordinary beauty of coffin seeds, is also extremely stimulating. Both our pin-up style prints, and prints that relate to the popart mainstream of comic books, are a real energy booster. To those who prefer the sleep détente and unconditional relaxation, we recommend prints and triptychs inspired by the atmosphere of the exotic nooks and corners of the world, oriental gardens, and luxurious SPAs. Those who like motorization can try out prints illustrating cars, airplanes, and yachts, whereas the fans of painting focusing on the beauty of architecture can take a look at a series of photos and graphics illustrating charming tenants, alleys of the South, monuments from postcards, or modern sky scrapers.
Our recommendations also include abstraction, graphic, and raw form. Prints and triptychs illustrating fantastical patterns, themes stimulating your imagination, or persuading to reflection. Fractals with the „hidden agenda“ are decorations that perfectly emphasize the spirit of interiors in the monochromatic, modernistic, and minimalistic style. Exceptionally original decorations like these – balancing between individual conventions, deriving their inspirations from the classic form, as well as modernistic contents – will break the design of a man bedroom or a simplistic living room. Besides designer valuables and decorations corresponding to the fashionable interior trends, we would also like to present a collection of occasional prints and triptychs. Canvases conveying religious messages – illustrations of Saints, Biblical, and apocryphal scenes – make a beautiful boon on special occasions and an original alternative to cards gifted to those attending their first Holy Communion, Sacrament of Confirmation, or the Newlyweds. We also recommend prints and triptychs made of custom photos on special occasions. A nuptial souvenir or the very first photo of your child printed out on a macro scale is no problem to us! Thanks to us the most beautiful moments of your life don't have to be cramped up in picture frames on your nightstand or in your showcase. Instead, you can show them off on the central wall of your interior, and enjoy your wonderful memories, now received with a degree of extraordinary intensity. Prints illustrating photos not included in our catalogue are made per our costumers' special orders. To make such an order, all you have to do is send us your favorite photograph (in the best and highest resolution possible), and tell us what shape and size of the final decoration is to be. The print will be printed out on a high quality canvas stretched out onto a painting gloom.
Either made of photos available in our catalogue, or those sent in by our customers – all prints and triptychs that we offer share the highest quality, and an incredible, decorative spirit. Our inspirational visualizations are the best proof of how big the impact of prints and triptychs made by on the overall reception of our interiors is. In this special section we put projects of interiors in various styles. What they all have in common are prints that perfectly emphasize the decor of and introduce a very strong spirit to the space of each interior. In order to make the choice easier and simplify the process of looking for a pattern of your dreams, we have split the prints available in the catalogue into clear categories. You will have no problem with finding the themes of your interest in the categories with prints for the kitchen, living room, child's room, or bedroom.
Additionally, prints, graphics, and sketches have been put in separate thematic groups. Taking advantage of the intuitive site navigation or typing a thematic phrase of your interest in the search engine box, you will gain access to photographs of cars, flowers, and comic book, oil, architectural or religious themes. We advise you take a closer look at abstract prints, panoramas, photographs from the „Backgrounds and Textures" section. The photographs in this category – conveyed onto canvas – not only emphasize the exceptional decoration and individual spirit of the interior. What's more, part of photographs in this category, thanks to their optical illusion properties, make a room that is hard to arrange look wider or longer, making it bigger, more spacious, and friendly. After you choose the pattern that suites you most, please tell us the final shape of the print that you chose. We offer traditional canvases, canvases of any, custom size, and canvases comprising of two, three, four, and even five elements.
Our handy visualization will help you choose the right orientation. All wall decorations offered by – regardless of their orientation – are made employing a professional printing method. A canvas covered with a very clear, heavily saturated pattern, is, in the successive stage, stretched out onto a robust painting loom. The sides of the decorations are printed over, so that they don't require any extra frame, and can instantly be put up onto the wall. Prints and triptychs manufactured this way are resistant to external factors, such as: sun rays, moist, or alternating temperatures. They can be placed in the most crucial interiors, such as bathrooms, kitchen, or restaurant interiors. They don't require any special maintenance or cleaning procedures, they don't distort, and don't pale out. Trendy, very decorative, and eye catching prints and triptychs combine hi-tech technology, extraordinary attentiveness to detail, and the traditional beauty enchanted in the art of painting that is always craved for. They please the eye for years, delight past and future generations, and make a private bedroom or home living room gleam with a shine characteristic of most prestigious art galleries.

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